Setup Your Rat-proof Goon-squad

How the hell do you set up your “grass-roots, organic, from the people, blah-blah” job actions safely and securely? Especially when union leadership is bound by a hostile NLRB to not lead “intermittent strikes?” No need to reinvent the wheel; use the tools that the most up-to-date revolutionaries are using…. Continue reading

AT&T’s Asset Protection Want to Talk? Grab a Steward!

Asset Protection is the name of AT&T’s corporate security arm. They are responsible for protecting the physical assets of AT&T, including information assets like customer data, etc. Asset Protection is also charged with investigating wrongdoing at AT&T including violations of AT&T’s Code of Business Conduct (COBC). AP investigators are sort of… Continue reading

Equality Rule

Probably the most important protection for stewards is called “The Equality Rule.” This rule acknowledges that your job is likely to involve confrontations with management—confrontations that could lead to discipline under the normal rules of employer-employee relations. You can openly disagree and argue vigorously with management during grievance meetings; question… Continue reading