Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Fellow Unionists, sorry for the silence this week while in court for round two. I don’t ask permission to use my voice, so wanted to think about what I could share without ending up with my blog in the official record of this case! (Guess I’ll have to admit to Wifey and my Local president that I’m finally learning to think a little before speaking!)

This week I spent three and a half days on the stand under direct examination by the General Counsel (GC) of the NLRB and cross examination by the Company’s contract-attorney. After about 12 hours of cross-examination by the Company (that kind of feels like a lot more), the GC rested our case. The Company started to put its case on Thursday (10/30/17) afternoon and by the end of today we were still on the Company’s first witness. After each of the Company witnesses put in their testimony, with whatever “evidence” that they have, the GC will be able to cross-examine them. And so on. It is hoped to conclude the hearing by December 1 and then we’ll be waiting until Spring-ish 2018 for a ruling. That’s the bad news.

The good news is this:
  1. The Local attorney and the GC are kick-ass attorneys who believe in their respective missions
  2. One may recall a stewarding lecture by me about “..they eat their own..”
  3. Attendees of such a lecture could complete the following statement in the comments:
    “If their lips are moving…”

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Approaching middle age. Husband to beloved Wifey; father and grandfather to several Favorites and GrandFavorites. Convicted unionist, and fired for it. Unable to abide a bully for long. Overall imperfect, yet still talking. I'm likely to slip in some non-union posts in here occasionally, probably about sailing or something slightly anarchist. While I wait for a resolution to my attempts to regain my employment, its my duty to diligently attempt to replace my lost wages. Part of the way I do that is by ad placement on this blog; ; and part of it is some Amazon affiliate links that are mostly books I consider required reading for union activists and plain old troublemakers. If you want to help support my efforts, I teach union activism. Reach out. Similarly, I built this website and a few others like it for small businesses and local unions. If you like it, reach out.
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