If You Want A Fair Contract at AT&T, It’s Time To Piss Off Your Bosses

Yes, your actual day-to-day boss.

Just like everything else in your career at AT&T, it is your supervisor who rats you out to upper about stuff they don’t like. When working without a contract, you have a legal right to do these job-actions and you are always encouraged to perform them. The reason for this is because job-actions work and have been recognized to work all the way up the US Supreme Court.

Glorious to work without a contract!

And your boss will be mad! Because he wants to discipline you for making him look silly, but he can’t, because you have rights.

It is time now to be brave. Your boss is supposed to feel inconvenienced when you conduct job actions. Often, managers immediately melt down, providing fantastic entertainment for the troops. Job actions are protected activity when working without a contract. They always report the action up the chain, which helps ratchet some more progress at the bargaining table.

When bargaining a contract, pissing off your boss with no-to-little loss of pay during job-actions only makes economic sense (compared to a six-week strike!). The benefits of keeping your boss on his toes extend into the “off years,” when working under a contract ensures that they won’t try to violate the agreement they just signed. Think: Who is it always talking about how “..we still need to work together after this.” The boss! When did you ever need to “work together” with that dude to do your work during after the contract was signed?

It’s time to harden up family. It really is them or you and that “friendly” manager may fire someone just to prove a point during bargaining, if his job depends on it. They are so unafraid of reps, and bargaining committees – maybe even the law – that some will lie under oath in order to win against the union. The only thing management is afraid of is that you their employees will stand up for your rights.

And don’t worry if your boss loses his job over your work-stoppage, AT&T will hire another!


Here are some things to start, the embarrassing ones work best and are most legal:

  • Entire work-group give “CWA-clap” (just one) every time a manager speaks in the morning
  • Entire work-group turn back on boss when she says good morning (make it one of the evil ones, it is surprisingly powerful on the power-trip bosses!
  • File a grievance every time a boss threatens you with the COBC – this will cause him to have to explain exactly what the hell the offense was, every time. It’s legal and protected from retaliation. Boss should clean up his act (unless he likes grievance-meetings, and I have never met such a creature)
  • Every tire on most work-trucks should be safe and make sure they all have the proper inflation – at the same time in the morning
  • File an article 28 and ask the steward to file an OSHA complaint on all unsafe contractors – AT&T policy has a “responsible manager” to make sure contractors are working to all of AT&T’s policies
  • etc.

Stick together. Bravery improves the posture every time its tried.


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