Reason #997 AT&T Should Quit Using Contractors: Lawyer Edition

Sorry for the long delay since posting, I’ve been waiting for a “clean break” in the “action” as AT&T tries to weasel out of its obligation to return me to work and make me whole, per the judge’s order. Alas, the action is more like molasses and the breaks are never clean. I received a fresh reminder of this in my email just this morning; the title of the document alone indicates that AT&T has once again spent shareholder dollars on inept legal counsel (anyone remember the $4B T-Mobile debacle?)


In other words, AT&T’s attorney missed a deadline to file more paper pleading AT&T’s case that the judge was wrong and, in fact, AT&T is  good and Hooker is evil. Now, he’s filing paper to get permission to file the paper that they negligently filed late! Naturally, this motion will take time to rule on before the Board buckles down to reviewing the case and their may be one or two more document submission while the Company tries to find new ways hate the worker.

Let’s be real: It may be months to a year to finish this appeal at the NLRB level and assuming my victory (which I always do!), the Company will have the right to appeal to the Sixth US Court of Appeals and even the US Supreme Court. So, months or maybe years! Most union folk who are familiar with this type of thing are pretty surprised that AT&T would go this far and like to think that AT&T must really hate me; like, in an actual personal manner. Oddly, I do not ascribe to this theory (“Oddly” because I have long been known to say that it is better to be known by who calls you enemy, rather than who calls you friend).  Nope, I’m pretty sure that this appeal will carry the AT&T case against Hooker and CWA Local 4034 into the seven-figure range and that is too much budget to spend to get rid of one rascally steward; even for the most fearful managers trying to save their careers (they won’t).

Instead, I believe it was the tactics I used against AT&T in order to combat unfair, abusive and, frankly, corrupt management. These tactics I freely admit were stolen from all over my CWA union and other unions around the country that are not in our industrial sector, like the US Steelworkers, the Wobblies, and more. I’ve been asked to share these tactics, and I will as time permits. Sometimes, tactics involve finding creative ways to get bad management to reflect on their behavior; I often accomplished this by acting as a mirror.

Since my June victory in the case, four new documents have been filed. The first one,(PDF) filed by AT&T’s attorneys, was an 83-page opus that once again describes me as the work-place Antichrist whose work-to-rule behavior confounded all of AT&T Midwest management for nearly a year before they reluctantly decided to fire me. The fact that I was a kick-ass union rep was merely a coincidence. The second filing(PDF) is from the NLRB attorney and is basically a 73-page manual on how to argue against AT&T. In it, Attorney Carlson also takes care to mention, again, that AT&T Area Manager Ted Brash likely perjured himself and also likely concealed evidence during an Asset Protection investigation. He also points out likely falsehoods in AT&T Director George Mrla’s testimony. The last two filings are related to the AT&T attorney’s late filing SNAFU and should not be published until there is a ruling. I do encourage stewards, activists and even hard-charging employees to read all docs in this case to glean information that may be helpful in your own endeavors on behalf of the membership. Solidarity!

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Approaching middle age. Husband to beloved Wifey; father and grandfather to several Favorites and GrandFavorites. Convicted unionist, and fired for it. Unable to abide a bully for long. Overall imperfect, yet still talking. I'm likely to slip in some non-union posts in here occasionally, probably about sailing or something slightly anarchist. While I wait for a resolution to my attempts to regain my employment, its my duty to diligently attempt to replace my lost wages. Part of the way I do that is by ad placement on this blog; ; and part of it is some Amazon affiliate links that are mostly books I consider required reading for union activists and plain old troublemakers. If you want to help support my efforts, I teach union activism. Reach out. Similarly, I built this website and a few others like it for small businesses and local unions. If you like it, reach out.
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