The Last Witness

Caresian Campbell – Lead Steward, CWA Local 4034


Last night, I watched my Lead Steward, Caresian Campbell, take an oath in Federal Court and speak truth to power. Caresian, my brother, thank you. Your crew is smart to keep voting you in; your Union is lucky to have your calm, analytical manner to assist in our grievance and safety issues.

Caresian sometimes took a day off, so thank you also to these Local 4034 stewards who sat with me, took notes for me, bolstered my courage:

Charles Johnson
Anthony Engler
John Kotcher
Tony Idhe
Scott Ciesielski
Eric Buker
Phil Martin
James Williams
Dan Quick
Rick Balsitis

Tom Strach
Pam Beach
Ralph Prince
Ryan Letts
Chief Steward, At Large
Lead Steward, Hastings Garage (All)
Lead Steward, St. Joe Garage (TFS)
Lead Steward, St. Joe Garage (IEFS)
Steward, Alpine Garage (TFS)
Steward, Howell Garage (IEFS)
Lead Steward, Howell Garage (IEFS)
Lead Steward, 36th St. Garage (IEFS)
Lead Steward, Alpine Garage (TFS)CWA Local 4034 Safety Chair
Lead Steward, Alpine Garage (IEFS)
Lead Steward, Cadillac Garage (All)
Executive Vice President, CWA Local 4034
Secretary/Treasurer, CWA Local 4034
President, CWA Local 4034

The hearing concluded after 13 full days of testimony. Here’s what happens next:

  • The Company has until December 22, 2017 to file a motion to bring back a witness
  • If they do so, probably more testimony and more days of hearing will happen; if not, all Parties have until January 19, 2018 to file legal briefs about the case in support of each side’s position
  • At that point, the judicial record will be closed and the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will take as much time as he needs to issue a ruling (typically 4 months to who knows?)
  • Naturally, like any reasonable steward, I am always open to a negotiated, mutually beneficial settlement, time permitting before ruling

Thank you, Union. Watch out for each other. Watch out for your steward! It truly is the action/reaction/inaction of the rank-and-file that management respects.

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